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Looking for factory replacement parts for your paintball marker?

We carry a large variety of accessories and parts for every player. Here you will find parts, upgrades, o-rings and part kits for your paintball gun. Wanting to start a paintball field, but need help finding some of the necessities? Check out our selection of field supplies, we have what you need to get it running.

We have upgrade parts for every popular marker, and carry the best selection in replacement and accessories parts for every need.

See below for a list of the Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Marker

Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Marker

  1. Your shots just aren't accurate enough

    The first culprit to check when you aren't getting enough accuracy is the barrel. Stock barrels are frequently the first thing paintballers swap out. Sometimes a new bolt can also help with accuracy, and better regulators have been known to impact accuracy as well.
  2. You're chopping too much paint

    Ball breaks are always a pain, but when it happens repeatedly, it's much worse. There are several upgrades that can help with cutting down on paint chopping, like better break beam eyes or an upgraded bolt.
  3. You aren't getting enough shots to a tank

    Virtually every component of the air system can impact the efficiency of your shots. That means depending on your budget and which other parts of the gun are problem areas, you can upgrade the regulator, the barrel, maybe grab a coil remote- especially helpful if you're using CO2. Even some bolts have been known to impact the efficiency of a marker.
  4. You can't fire fast enough

    Having trouble walking the trigger, or even getting your marker to ramp up. Maybe you need to upgrade your trigger. Or maybe you bought yourself a semi-auto gun, but now you feel like you want the firepower of an electronic, so you can swap in an e-grip.
  5. You want to

    Ultimately, if there's something about your gun that doesn't make you happy, change it! You should be happy with your gun. If you aren't, then it's time for an upgrade.