GOG eXTCy Complete Paintball Marker Combo

Get out on the field with the GOG eXTCy Complete Paintball Marker Package!

The GOG eXTCy Complete Paintball Marker Package puts a high performance paintball gun in your hands without spending all your money! This package is great for someone who wants to step into the game with a bit more firepower or wants to upgrade from their current entry level beginner marker.

The GOG eXTCy Paintball Marker is a continuation of the original Smart Parts Ion, one of the most successful designs in paintball history. The compact and lightweight GOG eXTCy operates at consistent low pressures, making the marker incredibly gentle on paint with low recoil to stay on target easier. The BOB (Bolt Out Back) system lets you perform the majority of maintenance you will ever need to do in mere minutes. The Blackheart Board lets the player fine tune the eXTCy's performance as well as provide several preprogrammed firing modes for quick 'set it and go'..

You need an electronic loader to feed paint fast enough for all those modes. The Valken V-MAX Paintball Loader will keep the paint feeding to your marker. The V-MAX features a bend sensor in the feedneck to activate the motor so there are no infrared eyes to get dirty or misaligned. The V-MAX's lightweight but durable shell disassembles in seconds without tools for trouble free maintenance.

GOG eXTCy Complete Paintball Combo features:
  • - GOG eXTCy Paintball Marker
  • - Valken V-MAX Electronic Paintball Loader
  • - 48ci 3000 psi Aluminum HPA Tank
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