GOG Paintball Barrel Kits

GOG Paintball barrels are top of the line and a favorite chosen by all types of paintballers. GOG carries on the legacy of the belated SmartParts barrel kits. For years the SmartParts Freak barrel kits have been an all time favorite and sought out upgrade for player's paintball guns.

Not only do they have the Freak Kit, but GOG carries a 16 inch Tactical barrel that was also designed by SP. GOG's inline paintball barrel has great accuracy upgrade without spending a lot of money. Available for most popular marker threads, the GOG Inline gets its name from multiple rows of straight porting. This porting can help stabilize the shot and reduces the noise from firing, helping your paintball gun shoot quieter.

Now lets talk about the legendary barrel kit. The Freak barrel kit is a 3 piece barrel system which has been crafted to suit the needs of the professional player in any situation; by changing the relevant barrel components. All parts of the Freak barrel system are interchangeable for all conditions. Different bore inserts for different size paints, different fronts giving different length and colors and a selection Freak backs to suit your style of marker.