Paintball Pistols

Having a Paintball Pistols makes for a great sidearm and backup plan!

Paintball pistols are a must have when the going gets tough! In the heat of battle there's nothing worse than having your paintball marker go down. A paintball pistol on your hip means the difference between staying in the game or surrendering. Or, if you're up for a real challenge, take to the field with just one or two pistols as your primary marker!

Live your video game dreams or your favorite action movie scene when you pull out the double pistols in the middle of an epic fire fight. Get a paintball pistol and look as awesome as you imagined yourself.

We carry a full range of paintball pistols so you can choose the best backup option.

In the market for a pistol, but having trouble deciding? We're here to help.

Tiberius pistols are stylish, and most importantly of all, work with First Strike rounds out of the box. The projectile means you can expect superior accuracy and distance, at an extra cost. The Tiberius pistols can also use regular paintballs, as well.

Tippmann's TiPX pistols are also well-liked, and come at a similar pricepoint. However, they aren't First Strike compatible.

Kingman's Eraser and Chaser series are well-regarded. However, they use a .43 caliber paintball, which means you will have to carry another size of paintball ammo especially for your pistol.

SplatMaster markers are a game unto themselves. Great for starting out your kids with paintball, SplatMaster requires a separate kind of ammo, one designed to break easier and be gentler.