Project Salvo Paintball Guns

Guns & Markers from the Meeting of US Army & Tippmann Paintball

Project Salvo paintball guns, produced in a partnership between the US Army and Tippmann, are one of the most popular tactical paintball marker lines in the world! No other marker delivers such a classic military simulation look and feel for the price!

Given the names behind Project Salvo, it's no surprise these paintball markers are durable and reliable, designed to stand up to sand, muck, grit and the abuse of a tough woodsball battlefield.

Project Salvo guns come loaded with milsim specific features such as a folding/ collapsible stock and Picatinny rails, designed to accept virtually all mods and upgrades like sights, vertical grips and lasers. The Project Salvo is 100% compatible with many popular upgrades such as the fast, low-profile Cyclone Feed System and the E-grip Kit. This makes the Project Salvo paintgun the perfect base to build out the paintball sniper or scenario marker of your dreams!

Look below for a chart detailing the various Project Salvo features.

Project Salvo Features Comparison Chart

These exciting combinations let you take on virtually any role in a scenario game.

RiflemanNForegripFoldable14" Tactical
Designated RifleRed Dot SightForegripFoldable14" Tactical
SniperRed Dot SightNFoldable20" Tactical Sniper
Sniper EliteRed Dot SightBipodFoldable20" Tactical Sniper
Alpha Black MEGA SetCarry HandleNFoldableStock

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