Paradox Electro Marker

For the player that knows the advantages of sporting an electronic marker on the field the Electro is the best choice. With 3 firing modes (semi-auto, 3 round burst & full auto) the Paradox Electro is a marker that will be recognized while you play... by the others leaving the field that you just tagged!


  • One Piece Composite grip frame
  • Coated double trigger
  • Push button safety
  • External velocity adjuster w/ lock
  • Field strip pin
  • Venturi bolt
  • Power feed
  • 9 1/2" barrel
  • Volumizer
  • Spring Loaded ball detent
  • Vertical adapter
  • Milled reciever
  • Gloss anodized finish
  • Standard bottom line adapter
  • Poly coated hose with swivel adapters
  • Velocity adjuster with knob and lock
  • Elongated volumizer
  • Custom milled barrel
  • Multi mode electronic grip frame with
  • Three firing modes - Semi-Automatic, Three Round Bursts, Full Auto

    Available in Red, Blue.

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