Pro-Team VL Maxis E/G

JT Viewloader Maxis EG

Viewloader introduces the all new Maxis semi-automatic paintball marker series. The VL Pro Series™ includes the high performance line of Maxis™ semi-automatic markers at affordable prices. These markers are designed for the frequent player, and can be easily customized to meet consumer preferences with VL Pro Series™ accessories.


  • Electronic Grip Frame
  • Industry Standard Filings
  • Low Pressure Operation
  • Custom Top Cocking Bolt
  • Stainless Steel Quick Strip Bolt Pin
  • Cradle Drop Forward
  • Regulator with Pressure Gauge
  • Volumizer
  • Vertical Air Adapter
  • Custom 12" 2-tone Barrel
  • Blade Style Double Finger Trigger
  • Removable Threaded Feed Port Adapter
  • Custom Smoke Gel Foregrip & Grip Panels
  • Flexible Durable Ball Stop

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