Planet Eclipse ETek4 LT Paintball Guns

The Planet Eclipse Etek4 Paintball Marker delivers affordable tournament performance!

Not everyone wants to spend over $1000 for high end performance. For those who want more for less there is the Planet Eclipse Etek4 LT Paintball Marker. The Etek4 continues the tradition of delivering legendary Planet Eclipse performance to everyone... A Marker For The Masses!

The Planet Eclipse Etek4 LT Paintball Gun sports 3D milling just like the Ego and Geo, with the FRM (Front Regulator Mount) machined into the one piece body. The Zick2 Rammer Kit comes standard, reducing the recoil of the marker so you can stay on target while pouring the paint downrange. Trickling down from the Ego line is the Cure Bolt with its top contoured shape to help eliminate fragile tournament paint from getting clipped while firing. Another carry over from the Ego is the adjustable LPR (Low Pressure Regulator) to provide precise and consistent operating pressure to the Etek4. The break beam eye sensor system works in conjunction with the Deftek Offset Feed for the ultimate in breech chop prevention. This offset feedneck angles feeding slightly to the side, eliminating the ball from bouncing back up in the way of the bolt.

The Planet Eclipse Etek4 grip frame house a fully adjustable micro-switch activated, magnetic return trigger for insane rates of fire. The rear of the frame features a 3 color LED with a single push button interface for easy mode and parameter adjustment. Players have full control over the marker's Dwell, Ball-in- Place, Eyes-Off ROF, Capped ROF (un-capped in Semi 1), Debounce, and firing modes. All of this is surrounded by a set of comfortable slim grips.

The LT version of the Planet Eclipse Etek4 utilizes a super tough yet lightweight glass filled nylon composite grip frame, eye covers, feedtube and OOPS (On/ Off Purge System) knob.

Planet Eclipse Etek4 LT Paintball Marker features:
  • - 3D milled one piece aluminum body
  • - Angled swivel SL3 Regulator (same as Ego)
  • - OOPS on/off purging ASA
  • - Recoil reducing Zick2 Rammer Kit installed
  • - Offset Deftek feedneck placement
  • - Direct mount solenoid for less internal air hoses
  • - Cure Bolt
  • - Break beam anti chop eyes
  • - 3 color LED display and single push button programming
  • - Programmable parameters and firing modes
  • - Soft rubber wrap around grips
  • - Magnetic return, microswitch activated trigger
  • - Shaft4 Etek 2 piece barrel
  • - Hardcase and full color owners manual

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