Paintball Barrels from Empire

Empire Paintball is helping carry on the legacy that the belated SmartParts once had with their barrel kits. Empire's line of paintball barrels consist of the ever so loved Super Freak barrels. Even though standard paintballs are labelled ".68 caliber" they actually vary by thousandths of an inch in diameter. This can be due to manufacturing conditions or heat and humidity that can cause paintballs to expand or contract. This may seem insignificant but these small variations have a huge impact on accuracy, ball breakage and air efficiency. The Empire Super Freak Barrel Kit allows you match the paint you are shooting that day to the proper Super Freak insert. A proper paint to barrel match results in peak accuracy, minimal barrel breaks and utmost air efficiency from your paintball marker! The Super Freak is also compatible with all Smart Parts/ GOG Freak Barrel components.

For your Empire Paintball Barrels don't forget a much needed accessory. The Empire Exalt Barrel Maid is the best paintball barrel cleaning system available. The barrel buffer won't unravel, cleans like a champ, and is easy to wash. The rocket disk is something you've never seen before. All-weather seal retracts during insertion preventing paint from going up, then expands as you pull back to remove everything in its way. Its molded shaft is not built on a twig, this beast of a squeegee is forged out of tough & flexible plastic. All the pieces are 100% interchangeable and 100% replaceable. Pick up the best barrel swab to use on the best paintball barrels.