The Scenario King

The Scenario King

Ask any player what’s a good “woodsball” or “scenario” marker and the first word out of their mouth will probably be Tippmann. The company is going on 21 years in operation, one of the oldest in the industry, and they’ve developed a reliable and durable product backed up by excellent customer service. The 98 Custom and Tippmann A5 were milsim when milsim wasn’t cool but with the rise in popularity of scenario/ big games they now dominate that market. This year they showed they mean business when they teamed up with the Special Ops to release theX7 Phenom.

The X7 replaces the A5 as the flagship model for the company and looks like a Navy SEAL designed it. The first big change is the material of the body… out with aluminum and in with magnesium alloy for a 20% savings in weight. Plenty of 7/8″ rails for mounting accessories and a mock magazine well with a plastic magazine that cleverly opens up for small parts storage. The Cyclone Feed System is vented for faster cycling and the low profile cyclone hopper(which fits other Cyclones as well) sits lower and to the right for sight clearance.

The Standard and Response Trigger models are currently available. I’m told the Egrip model won’t be ready until late July or August.

The X7 Phenom upgrades simply bolt into place and there are numerous stocks, foregrips, mock magazines, barrel shrouds and sightrails coming in to completely trick the marker out. Its almost like a big milsim LEGO set! A lot of the accessories sold out fast so check in often for availability.

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