Proto Switch EL Woodland Camo Goggle

The Proto Switch EL Paintball Goggle is a great cheap paintball goggle!

The Proto Switch EL paintball mask is an entry level goggle renowned for its comfort. It's an especially attractive offering, because it boasts some of the same impressive features found in the more expensive, high-end Axis models. The Switch comes with a toroidial anti-fog coated lens, which can be quickly removed for cleaning thanks to its one-quarter turn buckles. The lens is secured with a woven strap specially designed to give you the best combination of strength and comfort. The Switch's ported ear guards also offer a synthesis of protection and utility, and will keep you safe from shots without getting in the way of your communication.

Its one piece molded facemask construction will stand up to hard core abuse while providing sting-free protection from incoming paintballs, and it was designed with a low profile to give you a sleak look that's harder to hit, and doesn't get in your way. A removable visor helps keep the sun out of your eyes, the rain off your lens and deflect glancing paintballs up and over your head.

Proto Switch EL Paintball Goggle features:

  • Proto's Switch is designed with a low profile, so it won't get in your way, and won't give your opponents a bigger tagrget, is light-weight for comfort, while its solid, one-piece construction is still sturdy enough to stand up to even the closest shots.
  • The Proto Switch features a tirodial anti-fogging lens designed to give you the best view of the field possible to complement the mask's viewing angles. The lens can switched out via a quarter-turn buckle quickly and easily.
  • The lens is secured with a woven strap, designed to provide players with comfort they can depend on, and is secured by tiger tooth buckles. These bite down hard, to keep the mask where you want it, even in extreme slides.
  • The Switch features multi-directional vents designed to provide superior ventilation, to help you stay frosty, and breathe easier. This design also reduces fogging caused by reventilation.
  • The Switch comes with a removable visor that can keep the the rain or the sun's glare out of your shot, and even deflect paintballs.
  • The Proto Switch features ported ear guards, so you don't have to choose between great ear protection and being able to communicate on the field.

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