Tippmann SL68 Pump Paintball Marker

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For decades, pump players have been respected as the elite of the paintball world. Choosing accuracy and efficiency over the “one case, one kill” mentality of others, their presence on the field strikes fear into the heart of new and experienced players alike. The SL-68 from Tippmann is one of the markers that helped begin this reputation, and has been recently updated and rereleased with all new improvements to build on the success of its predecessor. The tank adapter and feedneck are integrated into to the frame to provide a solid body that can withstand all the punishment of competitive play. The foregrip has been ergonomically redesigned for comfort and performance, offering a smooth short stroke for increased cocking speed. A built-in autotrigger enables rapid firing by simply holding the trigger and repeatedly engaging the pump arm. In the event that a paintballs does break or become jammed, the open breech port allows for quick cleaning or squeegee access. Front and rear sling mounts provide a stable position for attaching your marker to a sling or vest. With accuracy, reliability, and rugged construction, the SL-68 is the work horse of the pump kingdom, and continues its legacy as a paintball legend.

Tippmann is reintroducing a paintball legend with a few modern updates, including a redesigned integrated feed neck that fits most current standard hoppers, as well as a redesigned ergonomic grip for enhanced comfort and control. Most of the other great features that helped establish the original as a true paintball legend still remain. These features include a smooth short stroke design, 11-inch performance aluminum barrel, solid cast aluminum receiver, breech port for easy cleaning, all-metal trigger, external velocity adjuster, built-in sight rail, integrated tank adapter with built-in gas line, and front and rear sling mounts.

Key Features:

  • 11” Performance Aluminum Barrel For Accuracy
  • Smooth Short Stroke Design For Speed
  • Redesigned Integrated Feed Neck Fits Most Standard Hoppers
  • Auto Receiver For Faster Firing – Hold trigger and pump repeatedly for continuous firing
  • Solid Cast Aluminum Receiver and Non Corrosive Internals for Durability
  • Redesigned Ergonomic Grip For Comfort And Control
  • Integrated Tank Adapter with Built-in Gas Line
  • Front and Rear Sling Mounts
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