Brass Eagle Talon Ghost Pump Paintball Marker S

Need a few paintball markers for some quick and simple paintball games? The Brass Eagle Talon Ghost Pump Paintball Marker Set comes with everything you need except goggles to start playing paintball.

Set includes:
  • - Talon Ghost paintball marker
  • - Ten 12 gram CO2 Cartridges
  • - Hopper and elbow
  • - Barrel safety plug

  • - Smooth pump action for quick and easy firing action
  • - Anti-double pump design prevents double paintball loading
  • - Manual on/off safety lock for safe play
  • - Quick change CO2 piercing screw for fast reloading
  • - Vertical grip frame for increased comfort Dand control
  • - Dual ball stop system prevents misfires and double feeding

    Because this kit includes pressurized CO2 cartridges it cannot be shipped by Next Day or Second Day Air.

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