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Paintball Face Mask

Your paintball mask is the most important piece of paintball equipment you'll own. Your mask is vital for your safety. It is more important than your paintball gun. In fact, if you are playing on a field, you cannot remove it for any reason. Choosing the right mask can really determine how much fun you have playing paintball.

If you go the cheap route for example, you may find that your mask continually fogs up, and makes it difficult for you to see. Comfort is also an important consideration. If you have to wear a mask all day long, you want to make sure it fits securely and comfortably.

What kind of paintball mask should I get?

What kind of paintball goggle you should choose depends on a few factors. Do you have a good field of vision? The wider the lens the better your view, especially in low light conditions. Does the mask have a quick change lens system? Quick change designs cost more but they make cleaning and upgrading your lens fast and hassle-free. Consider the size of the mask. Slim, low profile masks like the Dye i4 and Empire E-Vents make your face a smaller target but they cover less area so you may take a direct hit to the jaw or chin. Is the mask all rigid or have a soft lower face and ear sections? Rigid plastic masks like the JT Spectra Proshield offer the best impact protection. Masks with soft rubber or foam parts like the JT Proflex and VForce Grill are more comfortable, especially when using a shoulder stock, but do not absorb impact as well from a close range direct hit. Paintballs often bounce off these soft sections to keep you in the game while rigid masks almost always guarantee a paintball break.

If you want the ultimate in paintball head protection, consider a full coverage paintball mask such as the excellent JT Headshield goggle. They can be hot to wear but provide complete coverage, making them the perfect choice for kids and people who don't want to go back to work on Monday with visible paintball hickies!

How do I keep my paintball goggle from fogging?

The first thing to consider is what type of goggle lens you have. A single lens paintball goggle such as the GenX VSN goggle are popular due to being very inexpensive. A single lens will have an anti-fog coating cured to the lens but these only help so much. A much better way to go is to buy thermal lens paintball goggle. These dual lens designs work far better in preventing your mask from fogging though they require a bit more care not to scratch them. Some can use a paintball goggle fan that circulates fresh air to drastically prevent fogging. Their noise takes some getting used to but the benefits are huge. Lastly, a good anti-fog solution like CORE Fog Off offers renewable prevention while cleaning your lens as well.

We carry a huge selection of the best paintball goggles and masks. Mask vary in style, size, color and features. Masks can vary in price from extremely low (around $20) to well over $100 (these would be the high quality face masks).

If you are unsure about what mask you should get, feel free to give one of our paintball experts a call at 805.915.4280