Protective Gear

Paintball is a physical game and the right protective padding makes the sport safer and more comfortable. The paintball field is full of hazards as players run, dive and slide over harsh terrain. Proper paintball protective padding can prevent injury while it boosts your comfort when crawling over rough ground or working a bunker from your elbow and knees. Close range paintball hits can sting a bit; the right paintball padding lets you play more confidently with less welts.

A good set of knee pads for paintball is essential. A trip or fall onto your knees can end your day of play and they make staying low behind cover pain-free. Paintball elbow pads protect your arms when crashing into trees or bunkers and crawling over rocks. Paintball slide shorts fit under your pants, cushioning your landing on the hips and thighs as well as protecting sensitive areas. Paintball chest protectors absorb the impact of close range paintball hits to your torso while a neck protector guards your exposed neck and throat, letting you play with confidence and comfort.