My Tippmann 98 Custom Scenario Marker Project

My Tippmann 98 Custom Scenario Marker Project

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The more I’ve been playing paintball big games and scenarios, the more I’ve been itchin’ to build a complete scenario marker. I mean, running around with one of my various tournament markers is fun but its not in the spirit of these popular formats. While trying to decide which marker to buy, along comes this new product from Tippmann…


Now one, I’ve always liked the look of AK47s. Two, I remembered I had a Tippmann 98 Custom sitting in my paintball closet that hasn’t seen any action lately. What better base to build off of than something I already have and know is reliable?

First thing to be installed was a Response Trigger Kit because any self-respecting scenario marker needs to fire full-auto! The Tactical Conversion Kit is comprised of four components: a foregrip, mock magazine section, grip plug and a 1 piece stock. Installing the stock will require disassembling the 98 but the foregrip, magazine and grip plug simply requires removing the screws and nuts and fitting the pieces in place…


I liked the stock that came with the Tactical Conversion Kit but I’ve always had a thing for side folding models so I added a Tapco Folding Stock on there for easier stowing in a gear bag. Note the CORE Cocking Knob Cover that I have been testing… that very helpful upgrade will be available soon!


The front shroud is generously sized to accept a wide variety of aftermarket barrels. We just got in the excellentSmart Parts 16″ Tactical Barrel in 98 threads and the flash hider front would look perfect! An X7 AK Front Sight from Tippmann completed the front end…


Here’s how my project currently looks. Its comfortable, reliable and provides plenty of mil-sim look and feel while still being practical. I added a BT Fixed Sight Rail for an aiming point. We just got in big shipment of really cool red dot sights, scopes and mounts. All it needs now is maybe a 30mm Red Dot Sight on the Sight Rail and this Tippmann will be game ready. Hmmmm, there’s an SPPL Qualifier at Splat Action in a few weeks…


Added…. The project continues in my second post here !

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