Valken Protective Gear

Protective Paintball Clothing and Apparel from Valken

Needing ultimate protection while playing your favorite sport or hobby? Valken has developed the gear to keep you protected, their Impact Chest Protector has EVA core padding delivering the ultimate protection, breath-ability, and flexibility. A V-Tac Neck Protector that helps prevent players from getting those pesky paintball hickies with 1/4 inch thick neoprene and a velcro strap to help it fit most necks. Impact Slide Shorts allow a player to hit the ground hard on a dive and keep going with perforated padding to vent the heat your body generates while playing. Valken's EVA foam padding is designed to flex and move with your body as you slide and dive all over the field. Mesh material lets fresh air in and humidity out. Tailbone and crotch padding keeping your vitals covered from impact.

The parts of a players body that takes the most beating always needs the best protection. Help prevent damage to your elbows or forearms by using the Impact Arm Pads, these kevlar covered elbow pads are the ultimate protection between you and the ground. Players knees take probably the biggest beating on the field, Impact Knee Pads have a neoprene construction for maximum protection and a kevlar outer material that takes the impact of any dive or slide players can dish out.