Empire FT XLT Rolling Gear Bag

You might already have the best looking high performance pants, jerseys and gear on the market, but now Empire lets you get it to and from the field with equally impressive style and functionality! The Empire Breed XLT Rolling Gear Bag is light weight and loaded with features that will survive long trips in the back of your pick up, van or even the cargo hold of a plane and once on the field, let you haul your gear over rough terrain easily. The bag hides a changing mat that gives you a dry platform to stand on after a long day slogging it out in the muck and its ventilated compartments will let your, wet, sweaty and paint covered gear air out without trapping in the smell of effort! The Empire XLT Rolling Gear Bag is easily rolled to the pits or carried and shifted to where you need it with several handles placed right where you need them to be. Covered with pockets, pouches and compartments, the Empire XLT will make sure that your bottles, pods, goggles, packes, pads, clothing and tool make it to the fields in game-ready shape!


  • Hideaway changing mat gives a clean, dry platform to change out of game gear in to casual clothes and back.
  • Rain cover stops moisture and paint splatter from making a mess of your gear bag and your car
  • 3 marker cases - complete with padding
  • Tough wheels designed for tough terrain
  • Separate mesh compartments for storing wet, muddy cleats or gear
  • Large, internal expandable compartments

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