Planet Eclipse Ego 11 Review

planet eclipse ego11 reviews

Planet Eclipse Ego 11 Review

First of all, the Ego 11 is a VERY nice looking gun. Sleek with intricate milling. The Ego 11 is also extremely light at 1.94lb including the shaft 4 barrel and battery. I was used to shooting the Empire Axe and compared to it, this gun is as light as a feather.

Planet Eclipse has released a new Ego every year since 2005 and of course, every year the Ego has been improved. But the step from the Ego 10 to the Ego 11 has been the most dramatic. Prior to the Ego 11, the idea was to get the highest rate of fire by speeding up the bolt. But in the Ego 11, they have slowed the bolt down. The only drawback to this would be a slower rate of fire, which you shouldn’t worry about because most paintball fields today only allow your gun to shoot 12.5 bps. The improvements to this gun from the previous model are remarkable.

Slowing down the bolt

Slowing the bolt down has improved a lot about this gun. It can handle any paint you shoot through it, the sound signature is reduced, and since the gun’s bolt and rammer are moving slower, the gun doesn’t have as much barrel rise or “kick”.

The way they have made this possible is by being able to adjust the solenoid, which controls the forward and rearward speed of the rammer. You can change the feel of this marker entirely just by turning 2 screws. You can make this gun EXTREMELY smooth with a crazy soft shot that’s super gentle on paint, or you can have uncapped bps and maximum rate of fire. However, it won’t be as smooth or quiet. I just find this amazing because your typical poppet valve marker is very loud and has quite a bit of barrel rise, but is extremely efficient.

Given these options, which settings would you choose?

I used this marker for a few months for practicing and a few tournaments. I normally had the solenoid set in the middle so it was a soft shot but could easily keep up at 12.5 bps.

This Planet Eclipse gun is ergonomically correct. It feels really good in my hands. Their grips have always been very nice and of high quality. I love the fact that there is rubber on the back of the grip frame because it makes the gun a lot more comfortable to hold. The skin between your thumb and pointer finger no longer gets rubbed raw by the metal at the back of the grip frame.

What you will get if you buy an Ego 11

Planet Eclipse packaging is hands down the best packaging out there. Since releasing their first Ego in 2005, Eclipse has had phenomenal packaging/gun cases. The Ego comes in a hard metal case. The foam on the inside is very dense and holds everything nicely in place. When you open the zippered case you will find the gun, a nicely colored barrel bag, a small bag that contains orings/detents/screws, a full allen wrench set, and Eclipse oil as well as a full color manual. While this is pretty standard, it’s still nicely packaged and presented.

The shaft 4 barrel is lightweight, well made, and looks very good. Its milling and porting are top notch. It has a standard .689 bore back. This is a very good bore for pretty much all paint on the market today. Not too small, not too big.

The trigger is excellent. Its “S” shape is very popular and feels good shooting. Having five points of adjustment makes it one of the most adjustable triggers on the market.

More Cool Features

The LCD screen is pretty nice as well. While not the best, it’s still nice. One of the perks of this module is its easy to adjust settings. It’s actually the easiest board to go through that I have ever used. Nice and simple.

Another easy feature on this gun is the angled regulator swivel and the fact that the macroline goes into the front of the ASA and not one side or the other. Some people will really like this, some will not care. I personally love it, as it gives the gun a much sleeker look and makes getting the macroline on and off a lot easier.

The LPR is adjustable from below the barrel. The gun comes standard with the Zick2 rammer kit and the Cure3 bolt. The LPR is the same one used on the previous SL Egos. While the Zick rammer is nice, the gun, like all poppets, has some barrel rise but it’s very minimal. The Cure3 bolt is okay. A little loud, but again a common theme in today’s poppets.

The POPS ASA is also a great new feature. The OOPS ASA’s on previous Eclipse guns were extremely nice, but the POPS is just the best. The simple design allows it to slide ON and OFF like butter. The simple milling matches the body, but not overdone.

Overall, if you’re looking for a poppet valve marker I would say this is definitely a top contender. It looks stunning, sleek and is very lightweight. The adjustable trigger and ergonomically correctness of the gun makes it feel just right in your hands. It is a well-balanced, high-end gun. Everything about this gun; the shot, the anodizing, feed neck, ASA, regulator, frame and barrel are all top quality. I would highly recommend this gun to someone who wants a well thought out gun that is very efficient, smooth for a poppet, and just feels great in your hands.

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