Empire Deals

Empire Deals

In preparation for our big roll out of the new Empire Paintball gear this fall, we picked other choice Empire parts as well… the price was right for us so the price is right for you.

Empire Quick Flip On/Off ASA ($19.95)- This is a solid on/off with a dovetail groove to fit on virtually all rails and dropforwards with a 3/8″ dovetail mount. The flip lever is big so you can turn work it even with gloves on. Perfect for your Empire AXE

Empire On/Off ASA ($14.95)- A great budget ASA that doesn’t skimp on the finish! Fits 3/8″ dovetails as well.

Empire Micro Mini Drop Forward Rail ($14.95)- The perfect fit to the two ASAs above and anodized to match! Moves your tank juuuuust a bit forward to help balance the tank under your marker.

Empire Revolver 7pc Barrel Kit for Spyder ($99.95)- We picked up a bunch of these awesome barrel kits in Spyder thread that come in a snug and padded case that doesn’t take up half your gear bag. Five inserts from .684 to .696 to match up any paintball you need to shoot and a ported front for a total length of 14 inches. Unfortunately, these kits won’t fit the Spyder VS3, MR2 or MR3.

Empire 06 Ventz Slide Shorts ($24.95) – I saw these and had to buy a set myself. What’s nice about these slide shorts is that they are not a full short…they’re snug around the waist and then strap around your thigh. That way they breath and don’t bind up.

Empire Lens Case ($15.95) – This sturdy case will hold your spare goggle lenses without getting crushed and gouged up in your gear bag. Now when you want to switch to a tinted lens because the sun came out you don’t find a big crack down the middle from your marker stomping it like Godzilla.

We also have more colors of Halo/ Reloader B shells in stock as well. Pearl Blue, Rust, and the disco Diamond fleck shells !

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