Empire Axe vs. 2013 Proto Reflex Rail… Who

Empire Axe or Proto Rail 2013

Empire Axe vs. 2013 Proto Reflex Rail… Who Wins?

Empire Axe

At $459 the Empire Axe is a formidable gun. Despite the lower price tag, it has many high end amenities. The gun comes stock with an On/Off ASA, Pressure Gauge, Clamping Feed Neck, 3 Point Adjustable Trigger, Sleek Lightweight Milling, Simple Push Button Bolt Removal System, Spring Loaded Detents, no external macro line and an amazing anodized finish. Most of these features are found on markers for twice the price or more!

Because of the low pressure operation of the Empire Axe, it is one of the best guns on the market for shooting high-end tournament paint.

One of the higher end features on the Empire Axe is the push button bolt removal system. It is one of the fastest guns on the market to assemble/disassemble. You take the whole bolt system out of the gun in two seconds, lube the bolt, put it back together and you’re back on the field in no time! This is the only gun in its price range that has this type of bolt removal.

The trigger guard on the Empire Axe is HUGE. No more hitting your fingers on the trigger frame because you have big hands!

The single tube poppet engine in the Axe makes it highly efficient and pretty darn quiet when shooting compared to similarly priced guns.

2013 Proto Reflex Rail

For $499, the nicely priced 2013 Reflex Rail is the little brother to the DM13 and carries many of its features. The most notable features are the UL 45 frame, Hyper 3 Regulator, Reach Trigger, Airport ASA and the amazing Eye Pipe System. The Reflex Rail comes in numerous colors. Some are common while others are very unique and personalized. The 3D milling makes this gun exceptionally lightweight at just under 2lbs!

The 2013 Reflex Rail comes standard with Dyes famous UL frame, which has been known for being one of the most comfortable frames ever made. Previously, you had to purchase this upgrade separately but now it comes standard on the 2013 Reflex Rail.

The Hyper Series Regulator came out in 2004 on the DM4, but has since been improved multiple times and the Hyper 3 Regulator is noted for being THE best regulator on the market. The consistency is unmatched by its competitors. Consistency meaning accuracy, so every ball goes where you want, when you want, every time.

The Reach Trigger is also a very nice feature, with its 4 point adjustability that you can set to your own liking. You can adjust the angle, reach, spring tension and travel of your trigger. The Airport ASA is also a high-end feature on this lower priced gun. With its easy on/off lever, it is very simple to de-gas and gas up your marker.

The Eye Pipe System is truly revolutionary. It is a clear polycarbonate pipe that holds your rubber detents in place and keeps your eyes clear from debris at all times. The pipe will last a long time and doesn’t need to be removed unless you chop paint, which is very unlikely in this smooth shooting marker. If you do happen to chop paint, the O-ring on the bolt tip of the fuse bolt system will clean the eye pipe out and you will have no trouble playing through the break.

And last but not least, the gun comes with a tournament grade 2 piece barrel. The bore is .690, which is perfect for a variety of paint. It is precision honed and the bore has a mirror finish. The back and tip of this two piece barrel are interchangeable with the DM13’s UL barrel system. As you can see, a lot of the DM13’s features were put into this gun. It is a mid-range gun with many high-end features.

Empire Axe and 2013 Reflex Rail Overview

The Empire Axe and 2013 Reflex Rail are both great guns in their own right. I have used both of these guns many times with great results.

If you’re looking for a gun that is a built like a tank with little maintenance then you need look no further than the Empire Axe. It has a bullet proof bolt system that will never let you down. It might not be the flashiest gun on the market, but for the money it’s one of the most dependable. The Empire Axe is a very rugged marker. Anyone can pick this gun up and start playing. It is VERY user friendly. Whether you’re a first time player or an experienced tournament player, you can’t go wrong with the Empire Axe.

If on the other hand, you’re looking for a sexy, super smooth shooting gun that requires a little more maintenance, then I would suggest the 2013 Reflex Rail. This marker offers many high-end features without the high-end price tag. The bolt system is very smooth, quiet, and reliable if you’re willing to take the time and effort to maintain it.

Which gun would you choose?

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