VLocity Select Force Loader

The VLocity™ Select Force™ electronic loader is here. The VLocity™ Select Force™ electronic loader features an on gun feed rate of up to 28 BPS and a free fall rate up to 35 BPS. The Vlocity™ speed is driven by the new Select Force™ technology and an electronically controlled anti-jam propeller. Select Force™ allows you to adjust the force that the loader places on the paintballs. The Select Force is adjustable from off through 7 levels of force to allow the player to set the desired force based on the type of paintballs being used. Select Force™ allows the player to maximize the out-of-the-gate speed without breaking paintballs. The electronically controlled anti-jam propeller will automatically reverse and reset once a jam is detected using the exclusive double vision system. The VLocity™ also incorporates reprogrammable software to allow you to customize the select force™ and anti-jam settings. The VLocity™ also features a light weight and small profile, offers a large capacity of 200 ct paintballs, a flip cap spring loaded lid and Viewloader® quality you can trust. The VLocity™ is available in Black Onyx and Smoke Crystal.

Key Features:

  • Feed rate of up to 28 BPS on the marker
  • Free fall rate up to 35 BPS
  • Adjustable Select Force™ Technology (zero through 7)
  • Electronically controlled anti-jam propeller
  • Reprogrammable software
  • Double vision system
  • Engineered with light weight, extreme impact resistant polymer making it the largest capacity and lightest weight loader on the market today.

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