Motorized Hoppers from DYE

The Dye Rotor Paintball Loader started a revolution in electronic hoppers. When the Rotor hopper came out suddenly no paintball marker shot too fast! The Rotor is capable of speeds up to 50 balls per second; high speed cameras have proven these truly incredible rates of fire. The Dye Rotor features a rotating carousel that indexes paintballs, guiding them to the feedneck while a counter rotating arm ensures keeps everything moving smoothly.

The Rotor loader shell is made from a pliable yet durable nylon material that will not crack or shatter like other brittle plastic loaders on the market. The Dye hopper is all about one button; one button turns it on/ off and one button starts the tool-free disassembly. You can take your Dye loader completely apart and put it back together in less than one minute.

The Dye Rotor Paintball Loader didn't just raise the bar... it reinvented it.