Empire Vidar Paintball Mask

Empire Vidar Paintball Mask is low profile and comfortable!

The Empire Vidar Paintball Goggle utilizes the proven Spectra™ dual-pane lens system with updated style and function, while maintaining a low, stealthy profile. The VIDAR offers an incredible 260 degrees of vision with soft one piece molded face protection. This pliable material flexes with your face and movement while still offering excellent impact resistance. Tournament and speedball players love the low profile and bounce factor of the soft material while woodsball and scenario players appreciate how the contours of the Vidar makes using a stock and aiming extremely comfortable.

When opposition seems too fierce the Empire VIDAR Paintball Mask gives you the edge to conquer the battle. Seek your vengeance and silence the enemy with the power of VIDAR!

Empire Vidar Paintball Goggle features:
  • - Contoured, flexible face protection offers superior coverage and minimal exposure
  • - Stylized venting for improved voice projection and airflow
  • - Dual-pane Spectra Thermal Lens for reduced fogging
  • - 260-degree field of vision to always see your opponent\
  • - Woven Empire strap with silicone beading to insure a slip-free fit
  • - Legendary hypo-allergenic Spectra face foam for superior comfort over extended play time

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