New Dye Rotor Hopper Colors!

Dyetree Purple Dye Rotor Hopper

New Dye Rotor Hopper Colors!

The Dye Rotor has proven itself to be one of the fastest paintball hoppers of all time. Since 2009 the Dye Rotor loader has sat atop winning tournament team paintball guns the world over. Every year new color combos to the Rotor lineup are introduced to match the immensely popular Dye paintball pants, Dye paintball jerseys and Dye i4 masks. Shipping next week are this spring’s four new options.

Flat Dark Earth Dye Rotor HopperOlive Drab Dye Rotor Hopper

Dye was thinking of the tactical player’s when they released the Flat Dark Earth Dye Rotor and the Olive Drab Dye Rotor. These popular woodsball colors will look good on any marker in those color schemes but especially with the Flat Dark Earth Dye DAM and the Olive Drab Dye DAM paintball guns.

Grey Dye Rotor HopperDyetree Purple Dye Rotor Hopper

To cater to the current fashion color trends for grey and purple gear, they released the Grey Dye Rotor and the Purple Dyetree Dye Rotor. Nobody has ever accused Dye of being behind the times in paintball style!

EDIT June 26th, 2013:

All colors are now in stock. Be sure to check out for all current Dye Rotor Paintball Hoppercolor and pattern options.


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