WPN paintballs came to the market in early 2000 and were quickly adopted as one of the most consistent and reliable paintball brands on the market. The factory that produces the WPN paintballs has specialized in their manufacturing process for over 25 years and is known for making some of the top quality paintballs from other brands.
WPN Paintballs are available in four different grades. Weapons Grade is the most basic line of WPN paintballs and is great for recreational paintball players. Next up is WPN Killa Beez which is one step above the basic paintballs. Next you have WPN Toxic which is one of the best valued paintballs on the market. For the price and quality, this is definatly your best buy. For everyone else out there looking for the best, WPN Elixir is a great choice for you. This high quality tournament ball will shoot straight and has a bright thick fill. Check out all of our WPN Paintballs today and choose what fits in to your budget.