Sandana Headband - Blue Flying Skull

Wear the Original with a Sandana Blue Flying Skull Headband!

Since 1990, Sandana has been making quality headbands for a variety of sport applications. Paintball players have relied on Sandana Blue Flying Skull Headbands to keep the sweat out of their eyes, pad the forehead for impact protection and simply look clean and professional. Sandana's quality materials and stitching stand up to abuse while the terry cloth back absorbs sweat before drips into your goggles.

Available in a wide variety of patterns, there is a Sandana Headband for every player, tournament or woodsballer!

Sandana Blue Flying Skull Headband features:
  • - 43 inches long
  • - Terry cloth sweat liner
  • - Machine washable
  • - Keeps that stinging sweat out of your eyes
  • - Pads the forehead for impact protection and bounce
  • - Classic old school paintball look!

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