Limited Edition Dye C7 Paintball Jerseys Coming

Limited Edition Dye C7 Paintball Jerseys Coming Soon!

Four limited editions of the uber-stylish Dye C7 Paintball Jerseys are on the way. These will be in M, L, XL, XXL only and available in Digital Camo, Mecca (the Moorish design like the one on their I3 Pro Goggle Ear Pieces), the Icon print and Skull design. No pictures yet as I just got off the phone with Dye. Same awesome C7 Jersey features such as the hideaway microfiber cloth and venting galore. They should hit the warehouse here late next week and won’t be available for long!

Update: Pictures are now up on the website and available for pre-orders. They are on the truck heading this way!

Update 4/20/2007: Jerseys are in house and getting received for sale this afternoon!

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