US Army Carver One Paintball Gun with Egrip

CARVER ONE: A special operations forces acronym: - Criticality, Accessibility, Recuperability, Vunerability, Effect and Recognizability.

Carver One eGrip comes complete with three electronic modes, including semi auto, three shot burst and full safety auto. The marker features a realistic military appearance and comes with a high-performance 8" barrel, four picatinny rails for customization and a heavy duty stainless steel braided gasline.

For All Carver One Models:


  • Semi-automatic, .68 caliber
  • 8" quick thread barrel
  • Proven high performance in-line bolt system

Durable and Reliable:

  • All aluminum die cast receiver
  • Heavy duty stainless steel braided gasline
  • Durable matte black finish

Built-in Features

  • Four picatinny rails to add sights, scopes and handles
  • Built-in foregrip
  • Built-in sling mounts
  • Built-in sights

Maintenance Pack Includes:

Allen wrench set, spare tank o-ring, marker lubricant, cleaning cable and barrel sleeve

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