The Empire Battle Tested DFender… new mils


The Empire Battle Tested DFender… new milsim hotness!

Empire Paintball just announced a new gun at PSP World Cup, and it is a radical departure from every other tactical scenario paintall gun ever made! The Empire Battle Tested Dfender is the first production marker to incorporate a force feed hopper system into the stock, eliminating the need for a feedneck and loader. Having no loader riding over the top adds to the overall milsim experience as well as reduces your overall profile, making you a much harder target to hit. The BT Dfender utilizes the loader technology of the Prophecy Z2 and the proven engine of the Axe/ Mini/ TM series of paintball guns, all housed within a tough yet lightweight magnesium body.

The electronics driving the loader and gun internals are synched, so the BT Defender will feed with every bolt cycle. A thumb selector switch will let you toggle between firing modes. Another perk is that all the maintenance to the marker can be done without tools! MSRP is said to be $1499.95, but we will update with the street price as soon as available. Watch this space, as I will add more details as they become available!



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