BT 1913 Paintball Barrel Kit - 20 Inch

Get real with this 20" hardcore mil-sim barrel from BT Paintball! Combining awesome performance, intimidating looks and tac rail versatility, the BT 1913 Barrel Kit upgrades any marker you apply it to. The 20" length means excellent accuracy and brush/ obstacle clearing length, allowing you to slip the barrel through cover for sneaky shots without exposing yourself to enemy fire. The four mil-standard 1913 tactical rails provide plenty of mounting locations for sights, foregrips, bipods, flashlights, lasers... you name it! Finally, the imposing mock flash suppressor/ heat shield provides a mean-looking business end for your opponent to cower in fear of.


  • 20" length
  • Precision-honed inner diameter
  • Mock flash suppressor/ heat shield shroud
  • Rear handguard with four glass-impregnated nylon tactical rails
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