Viewloader Revolution Force Paintball Loader

The JT Viewloader Revolution Force Hopper!

The JT Viewloader Force Paintball Loader now brings force feed technology to bear in new price points, completely obsoleting agitating loaders. With force applied you can achieve faster out of the gate speed that allows you to get the critical shot in when you need it. This robust loader sets the new standard for the vast majority of players, offering speeds of up to 18 balls per second, a capacity of 200 paintballs, and the strength of the Viewloader name.

Viewloader Revolution Force Hopper features:
  • - Continuous force feed™
  • - 18 BPS on marker feed rate
  • - Jam free 6 blade force feed paddle
  • - 2 piece body design for easy cleaning and battery replacement
  • - 200 ball capacity
  • - One 9 volt battery

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