Hanging Digital Scale for Co2 Filling

Fill your CO2 tanks accurately with a Hanging Digital Scale!

A Hanging Digital Scale is one of the most important components for filling your own paintball CO2 tanks. By hanging and then taring (zeroing out) the weight of the tank after dumping to chill the tank, you can accurately fill your CO2 tanks to the proper weight. A properly filled CO2 tank is safer and results in less blown burst disks and longer playtime. This Hanging Digital Scale for filling CO2 filling features a hook for slinging the tank, a swivel ring top for easy suspension and an easy to read LCD screen. Powered by three AAA batteries, it has an timed automatic shutdown to prolong battery life. Safe Play begins with safe CO2 tank fills!

Hanging Digital Scale features:
  • - Swivel ring for suspending
  • - Swivel hook for hanging tank
  • - Easy to read LCD screen
  • - Tare button for zeroing weight of empty tank
  • - Powered by three AAA batteries (included)
  • - Auto shutdown

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