Beginner Packages

Our ready-to-play beginner gun packages will get any noobie started on the right track.

Pulling together gear can be daunting. There are so many different options to choose from, like whether or not you want a stock, or if you want that stock to be foldable or extendable, that it can be hard even for old hands to select what gear will get them playing their best.

Our beginner paintball gun packages take most of the guesswork out of it. They assemble trusted, name-brand markers with dependable, entry-level accessories, and some of our kits even come with higher-end gear, too. But our team of experts assembles each with an eye to building something that might have helped them starting out, or that might help them take the plunge from rental gear to a sweet MilSim pack of their very own.

Considerations when purchasing a paintball gun or package for new players

One of the main decisions you need to make are your budget, and what kind of paintball you think you're going to play. Most beginners start out in some form of woodsball, because woodsball games and gear tend to be cheaper. You can think of that kind of paintball as having a scrimmage in the park with a few of your friends. Speedball is closer to joining a team that plays in a league, and has greater costs and complexities associated with it.

Most of our cheap packs start around $100, and you can find kits from Spyder, Tippmann, Azodin, Kingman and even Empire for less than $150. While these packages may have everything you need to get started, save for propellant, which can't legally be shipped through the mail, they may not offer as much long-term flexibility as packages that cost a little more, and might have more room for upgradeability.

A lot of our most popular and upgradeable kits are our military simulation packages, or MilSim packs. These offer shrouds, stocks, sights and other accessories to make a marker look like an authentic military weapon.

Got kids? You might want to consider one of our SplatMaster duel kits. These were designed to allow two players to have identitical, kid-friendly gear to learn the ins and outs of the sport, starting with some forgiving pump markers, also available in single-player ready to play kits.