New 2007 Spyders!

New 2007 Spyders !

New in the warehouse this week are the 2007 Spyder Sonix and Spyder Victor. They feature the new ergonomic gripframe and sleek body design in dust finish. The smoother cuts of the body and finish make for quicker clean up between games. Both models use a top-cocking delrin bolt system with a captured pullpin, meaning the pin stays in the bolt so it doesn’t get lost! Very nice additions to already proven markers.

Shipping next week to us will be the new VS1 in Matte Blue and Matte Olive. These feature the breakbeam eye system of the VS2 and VS3 but with the standard valve system so it will function on CO2 or compressed air (the VS2 and 3 require a compressed air system). These will be priced at a very competitive $159.95 will definitely be one of the hot sellers this summer!

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