Proto Paintball Guns

Tournament Performance Paintball Guns at Beginner Prices

Interested in taking the plunge into speedball? Proto paintball guns are a excellent way to get started. They take the innovations from Dye's premier DM series and incorporate them into the entry-level to middle-tier Reflex and Rail series. You get a lot of the same great enhancements at up to a quarter of the entry cost!

There are three basic varieties of Proto paintball markers, each building off the last. The oldest and most affordable is the 2011 Proto (Matrix) Rail, sometimes called the PMR. The PMR has an ultralite frame, the Hyper3 regulator, and Dye's trusty fuse bolt technology to give you buttery smooth firing.

The next rung up the ladder is the Proto Rail Maxxed paintball marker. This upgrade has the same basic construction as the rail, but adds in newer features like tha Airport ASA and sticky grips.

Finally, you have the Reflex series of markers. These are constantly upgraded with features derived from their signature series' latest innovations. While the Reflex might have some trouble rivaling its older cousins, for the cost of a middle-tier marker it's featureset is hard to beat.

Proto Guns Comparison Chart

Proto guns come with a lot of great features, but we're here to help you sort out which ones you need quickly.

GunFuse BoltUltralite FrameAirport ASASticky GripsReach TriggerLow-Pressure Regulator
Proto RailXXNNNN
Proto Rail MaxxedXXXXNN
Proto ReflexXXXXXX

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