Valken Impact Paintball Slide Shorts

Valken Impact Slide Shorts keep you in the game!

Prepare to play paintball more aggressively in Valken Impact Slide Shorts. Worn under your playing pants, Valken Slide Shorts have perforated padding to vent the heat your body generates while playing. Valken's EVA foam padding is designed to flex and move with your body as you slide and dive all over the field. Mesh material lets fresh air in and humidity out. Tailbone and crotch padding keep your vitals covered from impact. The Valken Impact Slide Shorts were built for victory!

Valken Impact Slide Shorts features:
  • - Multi dimensional EVA core perforated padding
  • - Padding zones designed to give ultimate protection with maximum flexibility
  • - Mesh material thoughout for total ventilation
  • - Removable EVA crotch and tailbone pads
  • - Moisture wicking material keeps you cool
  • - Athletic cup pocket (cup not included)

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