Custom Products

Paintball Hopper & Loader Accesorries from Custom Products

Custom Products has been one of the most recognized companies making top performing upgrades for all paintball guns. They have developed a great marker upgrade for attaching or removing you paintball hoppers & loaders. Typically most feednecks require tools to remove hoppers but with feednecks like Custom Products Clamping feednecks, there is no need for tools. Clamping feedneck features make it more simple to just open or close the clamp allowing for easy removal or attaching of a hopper. Custom Products took the perfect amount of metal out of the feedneck to deliver an upgrade that is STRONG and LIGHTWEIGHT. It grips your loader like a vice to let you concentrate on the game, not your marker. Custom Products Clamping Feednecks will not break and to prove it, they've backed it with the CP Lifetime Warranty!

Remeber to check and make sure you're purchasing the correct gun thread type feedneck.