Valken VMAX2 Paintball Hopper will soon be rele

Valken VMAX2 Hopper

Valken VMAX2 Paintball Hopper will soon be released!

Valken released a teaser video that was just audio of a new loader being fired crazy fast a short while ago, and now they just announced that the Valken V-Max 2 Paintball Loader will soon be hitting the shelves. Externally the VMAX 2 resembles the original V Max and appears to be made from the same durable shell material. Internally they are announcing several changes. The feed paddle has 6 blades that appear to be a more robust improvement, ‘lifting’ design (Do the paddles lift? Do they lift the paint to prevent jams?), and they are claiming a higher speed motor. The press release quoted a 220 round capacity, which usually means 200 rounds, realistically. The retail price is at $99.95. will have these in as soon as soon as they are released, so far expected a few week from this writing. Keep an eye on our Valken paintball hoppers page for stock status.

Valken VMAX2 Hopper


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