Guerrilla Air G3 70 ci 4500 psi HPA Tanks

A Guerrilla Air G3 70 ci 4500 Tank delivers consistent pressure!

The Guerrilla Air G3 70/ 4500psi Compressed Air Tank is one of our most popular selling tanks! The 70 ci capacity will deliver 1050+ shots on inline blowbacks like Tippmann A5s and 1750-2050+ on super efficient guns! The Guerrilla G3 reg redefines "low profile", measuring a mere .75 inch from the tank to ASA. The G3 regulator utilize Guerrilla's PRO low profile burst disks, the durable PRO fill nipple with conical strut, and easy-to-replace brass top flange. Ever have a tank that, when screwed into the ASA, pokes the fill nipple into your wrist or hides the gauge? The G3 features 360 degrees of rotation, allowing the player to customize the angle of the reg when threaded into place. The regulator is completely user serviceable using only two allen keys to access every component of the regulator. The G3 comes preset with a standard output of 800psi with the ability to adjust to mid and low pressure.

Guerrilla Air G3 70/4500 psi HPA Tanks feature:
  • - 70 cubic inch capacity - versatile size
  • - Carbon fiber wrapped vessel
  • - 360 Degree adjustable reg placement
  • - Adjustable output pressure
  • - Virtually zero pressure dropoff
  • - Fast and efficient recharge rate
  • - Hardened Pro Fill Nipple
  • - Low profile Guerrilla Pro Burst Disks
  • - Brass top flange for durability
  • - Super short (only 3/4" from ASA to bottle when screwed in!)

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