Bob Long Marq Closer Paintball Marker - Silver

The lightest Marq to date has been re-equipped and re-priced for 2009! Our Closer EXP’s new price tag will help you own now and upgrade over time. Downgrade? Not exactly. EXP’s come laced up with Proficiency Valving which is the future of Marq Performance. Imagine that long accurate shot which made the Marq famous, coupled with a 1700+ shot count from a 68ci 4500psi air source. Other factory goodies include our Exclusive Tadao Ryujin board and the classic dual bearing trigger.

Dream of the best upgrades because the Closer is quite expandable. Step it up with 4C® System Enhancing Eyes capable of ramping upwards of 28 BPS. Gear Drive? Cam Drive? Which ASA / Drop combo works for you? Top off your Closer EXP with a Leverlock Feedneck and a Two Piece Barrel System for the ultimate in tournament level preparedness.

How it Works
The Closer EXP firing sequence begins when the trigger is pulled activating the micro switch. If the break-beam infrared eye system senses that a paintball is properly staged in the breech, the motherboard energizes the solenoid coil opening its valve. This volume of air travels through a passage where it terminates against the back face of the ram. The ram is accelerated forward by said volume of air pushing the bolt which pushes the staged paintball into firing position. Once the staged paintball is in firing position the ram continues forward even further engaging the poppet shaft. The poppet valve is forced open. A blast of air rushes from the primary air chamber through the poppet valve. This air blast is then redirected down the blast guide through the bolt toward the paintball accelerating the ball to 300 FPS in less than 6 inches of barrel length. During this process the solenoid coil has already been de-energized redirecting a volume of air through another passage where it terminates against the front face of the ram. Finally this volume of air accelerates the ram backward allowing the poppet valve to close while withdrawing the bolt. Now the on-deck paintball will fall into the staged position and the firing sequence may begin again.

What’s New and Innovative?
The Marq Series was engineered for speed. Ease of maintenance and repair were also at the for-front of this markers revolutionary conception. The inline regulator receptacle has been combined with the mainbody and the grip frame sports a thin, light weight design the width of a common 9 volt battery. Marq solenoids are manifold mounted in a configuration which further simplifies mechanics while enhancing flow characteristics. Another industry first from Bob Long is the Marq’s autonomous LPR which also mounts securely to the underside of the Marq’s mainbody. Other markers utilize built in LPR’s needing access caps which often look more like an afterthought. Our modular inboard style LPR allows the Marq to have an uninterrupted shape for a more ergonomic look and feel. The heart and soul of our creation is the firing engine assembly. Bolt, air chamber, poppet valve and ram have all been combined resulting in a fast, inline propulsion mechanism with more efficiency potential than its spool valve rivals. Made famous by the Marq Series, the included quick disconnect pillow bolt more softly contacts the paintball in the early stages of the firing sequence. A pair of spring driven linear travel ball detents are positioned perfectly in the breech to control over feeding. All Marq’s are 4C eye compatible. A simple 5 minute install is all that’s required to realize it’s now time for a faster hopper.

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