Virtue Ion EzOn Power Button

Add some flare to your Ion, and make it easier to turn on in the process with the Virtue Ion EzOn button. Installs in seconds! The Virtue EzOn's enlarged 3D dome bubble actually depresses like a button when used with a Virtue Ion board, but also works with the stock Ion board as well.

Tactile: Virtue EzOn Buttons feature an enlarged 3D dome bubble that make turning your Ion on and off easier than ever. The larger 3D bubble provides improved tactile feedback, even when operated by someone wearing gloves. When used with a Virtue Ion board, a clear click can be sensed. The LED on your Ion still shows through to the right of the 3D dome bubble.


  • Lifetime replacement warranty from Virtue Paintball
  • Larger, enhanced 3D dome bubble
  • Tactile elastic bubble, easier to use, even when wearing gloves


  • Compatible with: Ion, all aftermarket Ion grip frames and circuit boards
  • Power button style: 3D dome bubble
  • Number buttons: 1
  • Available colors: Army Green, Blue, Clear/White, Pink, Yellow
  • Includes Metal carrying case
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