Axe SYX 1.5

The Empire Axe SYX is a great quality tournament paintball gun that will keep up with the highest level paintball guns on the market. If you are looking to shred the competition, look no further. Here are a few key features that makes the SYX a great choice for your game.

New Engine - The new Empire SYX Engine and bolt system will give you a smooth and consistent shot.
ASA - The regulator is now located in the grip and attached to the brand new ASA.
Case - New EVA padded case to keep your new gun in pristine condition.
Grips - Really comfortable set of wrap around grips will give you a great feel.
OLED - Redline OLED board with full adjust-ability so you can tune your gun exactly how you want.
Laser Eyes - No chopping paint with your brand new set of break beam laser eyes
O-Rings - All o-rings and seals are standard sizes so no hunting down hard to find parts for maintenance.
Barrel - 14 inch total length 2 piece barrel. 7.5 inch control barrel back helps get you the best possible accuracy.
Low Pressure - LP operation makes the Empire SYX very gentle on the most fragile tournament paintballs
Design - Sleek design with no externally visible screws.