Tactical Guns

If you like tactical, we've got a marker for you

Our team of experts have taken the time and have selected the top brands and models of tactical paintball guns and markers that exist on the paintball market. There's an amazing selection to pick from. Tippmann is one of the oldest names that exist in the history of paintball and have the most reliable, dependable, easiest maintainability, and one of the most modifiable paintball guns on the market. Tippmann has also started a new line series of tactical paintball markers. Their line of US Army paintball guns are some of the most realistic looking and feeling paintball markers out there. This new line that Tippmann has masterly crafted is another top performing tactical paintball gun.

Let's not leave out the wicked paintball guns designed by Tacamo. Tacamo has some of the coolest realistic paintball markers that also perform amazingly. Not only do they have their own line of paintball guns but they provide marker upgrade kits that will fit your Tippmann's and BT paintball guns.

Look below to find that new perfect tactical paintball gun that fits your needs in looks and feel!

Tactical and MilSim Paintball - whatever you call it, it's fun

There are multiple ways to play paintball. Generally, it is between Speedball and a Tactical/Milsim style. Speedball is designed to provide a more competitive layout. A way for spectators to view and enjoy the event like any other professional sport. Tactical/Woodsball/Scenario is the original form of playing. From the days in the backyard using tactical movements by form of a bunch of hand gestures where the person receiving the "signs" wasn't sure to move up or steal second base. Tactical paintball is just that. It is the evolved rendition of what you and your friends played throughout the neighborhood, tormenting the neighbor's dog and hedges. Move your squad of friends from the cul-de-sac to the woods or one of the many established fields around the world, possibly with an urban village.

With top brands like Tippmann, US Army, Dye, Empire, BT you can pick from a seemingly endless array of options and accessories. So quit thinking about it. Grab your buddies, grab a tactical paintball gun and go turn your childhood imagination into one of the most adrenaline packed realities.