J4 Torque Paintball Markers

The STS marker line is ready to launch! The inital prototypes started testing in 2005, along with a patent filed and awarded in November 2009, Patent# 7610907. J4 Paintball is ready to sell, not only the newest gun design in years, but the first new platform and layout. This is simply a completely new design, unlike anything on the market.

Features of the STS Line:

- Stacked Tube Spool (STS) valve layout (Patent# 7610907)
- Pressure Retaining Valve design to increase efficiency, and also to remove velocity spikes from a FSDO event
- Custom Solenoidvalve/Switch design to redirect air for a faster and more efficient action
- Easy Pull Pin bolt removal, do not need to de-gass the gun to clean broken paint [exclusive for spool valves with Patent#7610907]
- Easy to maintain Spool Valve, only 3 critical o-rings
- Toolless teardown and maintenance. Spool and Bolt are the only moving part
- Small size, only 1" wide, 7.25" long body
- Light weight, 1lb 14oz
- NO FSDO tuning, each shot, every shot, at the same velocity, +/-1 fps possible, with new Hall Effect (HE) timed operation.
- Does not need to be timed, self evaluating software and a HE system in the bolt matched with mechanically timed operation equals consistancy

- 1700+ shots in a 68ci/4500psi tank, real world usage
- Smooth, quiet operation in a stacked arrangement - the best of poppet and spool valve technology!

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