Empire Battle Tested Trracer Pump Paintball Mar

The Empire Trracer Pump Gun is fully battle tested!

The pump paintball revolution just got more interesting. An old school legend returns with a modern look and updated features.
The Empire Trracer Pump retains the internals of the original gun (why change a proven system?). The new features and updates are nothing short of brilliant!

Starting with the body, the Empire Trracer utilizes an aluminum main body for strength and durability. The outer exoskeleton of glass filled nylon makes for lighter weight and scratch resistance. Three 7/8" picatinny rails provide both an anchor point for mounting tactical accessories and a sure non-slip grip. The 14" aluminum barrel is generously ported, which makes for quiet, stealth-like shooting. However, you can now add the barrel of your choice as the Empire Trracer is Autococker threaded so you have multiple options. A BT clamping feedneck lets you add the hopper of your choice and will also accept the BT 10 Round Spring Feed if you want to reduce your target area.

The Empire Trracer Pump marker is right for every type of pump player. For someone new to pump, its low cost and easy maintenance make getting into pump play easy. For the scenario/ woodsballer, its multiple rails and air options let you build the mission-specific precision shooter of your dreams. Add a 12 gram quick changer and a BT Spring Feed with the spring removed and you have stock class.

Go old school, go Empire Trracer!

Empire Trracer features:
  • - .68 caliber
  • - Pump action
  • - Multiple 7/8" picatinny rails for mounting tactical accessories
  • - Autococker barrel threading
  • - 14" aluminum barrel
  • - Auto trigger for when you need to shoot fast
  • - Anti double feed detents
  • - Clamping feed neck
  • - Accepts the BT 10 Round Spring Feed (sold separately)
  • - Back bottle ASA mount accepts tank, 12 gram quick changer or bottomline kit (sold separately)
  • - Fast breech access for quick barrel cleaning
  • - Contoured rubber wraparound grips
  • - Accepts standard .45 grips
  • - Standard ASA mounting holes
  • - Internals compatible with the original Trracer
  • - First Strike compatible breech ( learn more about First Strike paintball )
  • - Aluminum and Composite Construction
  • - Works with CO2 or HPA
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