Paintball Loader and Hopper Accessories from LAPCO

LAPCO designs great gun and hopper upgrades to improve overall performace. Clamping style feednecks, LAPCO ION Clamping Feedneck, eliminates the need for tools when removing or attaching loaders. Simply all that has to be done is opening or closing the clamp. They have up grades for Tippmann, the Cyclone Feed Soft Paddles are made from a space-age, oil resistant, flexible polymer that can withstand freezing temperatures. LAPCO's Posi-Feed technology eliminates lockup on the 3 ball side of the second layer, guiding your ammo into the Cyclone more efficiently. Other upgrades LAPCO created for the cyclone feed system include the Uni-Flow Piston Housingfor achieving a faster retraction of the piston, which improves the operating speed and ultimately the number of balls fed into the marker per second, and an Aluminum Ratchet Upgrade that decreases drag keeping up with higher rates of fire and doesn't wear out midgame like the stock plastic unit can.