Paintball Barrels from Dye

Dye paintball barrels are some of the best shooting barrels on the market. If you are looking for a great replacement barrel to replace your stock one then you can't go wrong with a Dye paintball barrel. The Dye Ultralite is an amazing two-piece barrel kit that actually comes standard on all Dye paintball markers. Get a front barrel andback barrel piece that are different colors or that match. The UL is both lightweight and durable.

The Original DYE barrel, set the standard for quality and accuracy for nearly 20 years ago. The Boomstick carries on that tradition of performance and reliability. The UL Boomstick was developed specifically for professional team Ironmen. It allows them to quickly adapt to different paint sizes and weather at events. The Ultralite Boomstick provides the ability to easily change barrel length and bore size to match your particular performance requirements.

Grab a Dye paintball barrel and find out why they have been setting the standards for quality and accuracy for nearly 20 years now. Don't forget to pick up some sweetDye Barrel Accessories as well!