Kingman Spyder .50 Caliber Advancer Electronic

Kingman Spyder's Advancer is a .50 caliber electronic marker featuring the EKO valve system, which is so efficient you can get 3,500 shots with a single 20 ounce CO2 tank. Because it uses a .50 caliber paintball, which is significantly smaller than the more typical .688, the Advancer meets significantly less wind resistance, which means the Advancer's shots are more accurate. Since a smaller paintball also means a lighter paintball, the Advancer is also more efficient than its .688-firing cousins. Since less energy is being used to propel the smaller paintball forward, the marker experiences lower recoil, making it easier to keep your target lined up, and means less time between well-aimed shots.

The Advancer is constructed of durable aluminum that will stand up to punishment, but won't weigh you down, and was designed to maximize mobility during play with reduced weight and a lower overall profile. The dual-texture, recessed grip panels make it easier than ever to hold onto your marker. The Advancer also utilizes Spyder's break beam eye system to prevent paintball chopping, so your shots splatter your opponents, not you.

The Advancer comes with a Tadao LEAP II board for effortless triggering, supercharged to deliver buttery bolt movement, including semi-auto settings. The Advancer's magnetic response Saber trigger contributes to this smoother pull, and has 3 adjustment points, letting you decide how long a pull you want.

The Advancer comes with a 1o inch micro ported barrel, that will keep your shots quieter, and on their mark. It also comes stock with a gravity-fed 350 round loader, getting you one step closer to the field.


  • EKO Valve System, uses less CO2 or air, get up to 3,500 shots with a single CO2 tank (20 oz)
  • Break Beam Eye, keep your paintballs from being chopped
  • Tadao LEAP II Circuit Board with Semi-Auto settings, along with Millennium and PSP settings
  • Quick-release bolt, for easier cleaning and maintenance
  • 10 inch Barrel with microporting, for quieter, more accurate shots
  • Clamping Collar Feedneck
  • 3-Way Adjustable Magnetic Response "Saber" Trigger for the smoothest possible pull
  • Recessed, dual-texture grip, so your marker stays right where you want it
  • Body made entirely from aluminum, for lightweight durability
  • Trigger frame made from high-impact polymer
  • Low-pressure inline regulator, adjustable for fast-charge
  • Vertical adapter for standard thread
  • Adjust velocity with external controls
  • Tool-free striker plug, for easier cleaning and maintenance
  • Braided steel hose, for flexible durability
  • Inline bottom-line ASA
  • Dual-ball detents
  • Works great with compressed air (HPA) or CO2
  • Includes a gravity-fed hopper capable or storing 350 rounds

Batteries/charger not included with the Advancer

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