First Strike Guns

Be a true Paintball Sniper with a First-Strike Compatible Paintball Marker

First Strike rounds are a .68 caliber projectile that use a unique stabilization fin and an aerodynamic shape to give you a paintball that is 25 times more accurate than other paintball brands. Paintball barrels don't have rifling, because traditonal paintballs are smooth spheres. These unique paintballs have their own rifling, giving the projectile extra spin as it exits the barrel to maintain its trajectory. The projectile's unique design enables you to make shots up to twice as far away.

They are also made of a polystyrene shell, which is hardier than the usual gelatin used in most paintballs. This means it won't break until its supposed to.

Because these projectiles must be fed into the barrel a certain way, they aren't compatible with traditional loaders. You can manually feed them into the breach, but the markers listed here all have a magazine feed or otherwise accommodate the paintball.

Thanks to this new projectile's increased range and accuracy, you finally can be a true paintball sniper!

Are you a sniper type of player?

Do you like to methodically stalk your competition and take them out with a single shot instead of sprayin’ and prayin’? Well, if you haven’t discovered First Strike paintball yet, then you need to seriously consider it.

All of the guns in this section are First Strike-compatible – they shoot the super accurate First Strike rounds. This technology has proven to increase both range and accuracy, compared to shooting regular ‘ol paintballs. First Strike utilizes a combination of fin stabilization technology and aerodynamics. This proven combination has shown to increase your guns range by up to 50%.

No longer do you need to try some paintball gimmicks that simply change the paintball’s trajectory. These First Strike guns are built exclusively for the new, fin stabilized projectiles and will prove their worth when you’re out doing battle. These markers come equipped to shoot regular .68 cal paint and First Strike rounds, so you can easily switch between either type of paint.